Utilities have a need for analytics

Analytics are not new. However, even the most sophisticated utilities are challenged to quickly synthesize their data into meaningful insights and share key findings across the business.

GridCure understands the need, with more than 100 use cases investigated across T&D, Customer Service and AMI, Energy Supply Management, Generation, Electric Vehicle Operations, and Distributed Energy Resource Management to name a few.

GridCure’s out-of-the-box software has proven to reduce a utilities operating expenses by up to 70% and increase their reliability by up to 60%.

Specialized data analytics tools

Today, “analytics tools“ means something different because “analytics“ has emerged as a dedicated form of science. Leveraging machine learning and applied mathematical methods, data scientists can now classify, optimize and predict system behavior with astounding success.

GridCure leverages big data, cloud computing scalability, and a stream of proven analytical methods to investigate complex system challenges in the energy domain.

Analytics Power Our Engine. Speed and Flexibility Set Us Apart.