Introducing the GridCure Platform

GridCure is a smart grid analytics platform for Cooperatively Owned Utilities.

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Five Ways GridCure Can Make a Global Impact

Reducing humanity’s carbon footprint is both a corporate and a social responsibility.

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Reducing Technical Loss in the Distribution Grid

In the context of distribution systems, total power loss is the difference between the power leaving a distribution substation and the…

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And the Winner is… GridCure! RSGS 2016 Re-Cap

GridCure attended it’s second Rural Smart Grid Summit (RSGS) last week...

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Utility Spotlight: CPFL

Brazil faces a unique problem. Global warming, stringent government regulations and the national financial crisis have already had major…

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Saving the World One Degree at a Time

Last year, GridCure was selected as one of three companies to participate in the first cohort of Silicon Climate’s Accelerator program.

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500kV Around Us

On October 13th, 2016, I was invited to join a crew of engineers in a visit to the main gate of electricity to the Brazilian capital.

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Oh! Tagg and His Shenaniwhims

A friend of GridCure and writer for Shenani-whims, Alex Fox, recently interviewed GridCure’s founder, Tagg Jefferson.

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It’s National Cooperative Month!

It’s National Cooperative Month, and what better way to celebrate than make a splash at the Rural Smart Grid Summit in Florida next week.

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