The Quest

There are countless teams seeking to make software with AI. We’re excited to be making software that is more like people because people are artistic in their work. It’s why we often hear it’s “my job” and not “a job.” The subtle difference is important to us. To work at GridCure you need to be an artist in your work.

We have recently become a fully remote team. This has allowed us to open our doors to talent located just about anywhere. Although we don’t physically work together, we are proud of the connection we all have with each other, both personally and professionally. It’s an internal mission of ours to maintain a sense of togetherness as we grow in numbers.

Current Openings

Senior Developer

About the Role:

As a back-end developer at GridCure, your general responsibilities will include bolting together the core components of our platform that allow us to interact with utility company data stores, helping build systems to better catalogue and analyze smart grid data, and creating features to automate the process of launching analytical models as new clients come on board.

More specific to this role, you’ll be spending a lot of time working with to make sure the connections and communications between our backend systems and front-end UI components and modules are working properly. You’ll spend a lot of time in Django, be one of our key people making sure we’ve got proper segregation between user data where it’s required client to client, and fundamentally helping us decrease our time to deploy to our customers.

About Your Background:

We use cloud infrastructure, and we’re looking for familiarity with the standard Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud offerings. Most of our clients use more traditional database systems to store their smart grid data, and familiarity with working with some older-school system integrations is helpful. We’re a python shop, and a background in Django background is key. Knowledge about Google’s hosted Kubernetes clusters (and perhaps most importantly, when *not* to use containers) is good to have as well.

We also value experience in the utility space (bonus points if you can tell us the difference between AMI and AMR), and experience deploying applications with very strict user and data security will be valuable.

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The Future is now, be part of it!

For our 2020 company offsite we went virtual with the help of VR headsets!

Everyone at GridCure enjoyed this new way of connecting so much so that we now have whole company meetings in VR.