We believe climate change is an important issue to tackle. In our blogpost ‘Five Ways GridCure Can Make a Global Impact’, we highlighted some of the ways GridCure can help fight climate change. We believe working with energy companies directly will have the largest impact on the environment and positively reach the most people; the organizations that are actually running the generation or transmission facilities and power distribution centers make the decisions that are going to have the biggest effect on energy outcomes, and thus have the biggest impact on the environment.

Did you know, if a US investor-owned utility is just 1% more efficient, the carbons savings is roughly equal to nearly 300,000 less cars on the road or more than 200,000 homes’ electricity use for one year? We believe by making utilities smarter, we can reduce the global carbon footprint.

And we’re doing it! Over the past year, we’ve made strides in the cleantech world, winning awards, presenting at conferences, and even winning smart cities investments. In light of our recent successes, we’re proud to showcase some of our capabilities and achievements on our new climate-focused landing page!