By maximizing energy efficiency and better planning the generation, transmission, distribution, and storage of our energy resources, we can make a global impact

Energy utilities all over the world can utilize our platform to maximize efficiency. By helping energy companies tackle this core issue, GridCure can reduce humanity’s carbon footprint and the negative effects associated with it.

We believe working with energy companies directly will have the largest impact on the environment and positively reach the most people; the organizations, either microgrid or full scale, that are actually running the generation facilities, transmission facilities, and power distribution centers make the decisions that are going to have the biggest effect on energy outcomes.

When one US investor-owned utility is just 1% more efficient, the carbon savings is roughly equal to:

1.36 x 106 metric tons
reduced CO2 emissions

1.53 x 108 gallons
gasoline consumed

1.45 x 109 pounds
of coal burned

48M incandescent lamps
switched to LEDs

288K less cars
on the road

201K homes’ electricity
use for one year

More Ways GridCure Can Help Benefit The World

GridCure can help utilities meet increasing energy demand

The EIA predicts the world’s power demands will increase nearly 60% between 2010 to 2040. GridCure can help utilities plan for the generation, distribution, transmission, and storage of energy in an effort to address increasing energy needs. Without enough energy supply, prices can skyrocket, resulting in macroeconomic turmoil, and even worse, a scarcity of basic necessities.

GridCure can help utilities plan for and incorporate renewable energy resources

Renewable energy technologies have much lower environmental impacts than traditional energy technologies. Using GridCure’s platform, governments, utilities and enterprise consumers can plan the generation, distribution, transmission, and storage of renewable energy. Having a renewable energy plan helps us be more sustainable and secures our future.

GridCure can help utilities conserve energy and reduce waste

Fossil fuels will still account for about 85% of the energy market by 2030; there are many environmental concerns associated with burning fossil fuels, e.g. acid rain, air pollution and global warming. By helping utilities conserve energy, we can reduce energy waste and can better control the amount of fossil fuels being burned.

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