Utilities need better data processing and analytics tools

Many utilities have internal analytics solutions that are not production ready and are not scalable across their organizations. These solutions are often one-off queries or basic models with rudimentary output. Putting a model into production is time consuming, costly, and requires skills 
outside of the interest and natural strengths of business analysts and data scientists. To develop a Production-Ready model, utility teams will need:

Product Management
Data Engineering
Project Management
Backend Infrastructure
UX/UI Design
Data Science & Analytics

Utilities can work with GridCure to productize and commercialize their models.By selling these enterprise-level solutions to other utilities through GridCure’s platform, utilities can monetize their own analytics.

How It Works:

GridCure can handle everything from model development to interface design to product support. GridCure’s level of involvement is dependent on your needs.

Step 1:Business case and module specification

You will work closely with the GridCure Labs team to determine what to include in the module, including key insights, desired recommendations, and types of analysis. You may already have the basic model built or you may want GridCure to develop the model from scratch – all these details will be ironed out in the beginning.

Step 2:Analytics development and tuning

You may already have the basic model built or you may want GridCure to develop the model from scratch – in either instance, we got you covered.

Step 3:Model productization

GridCure will design and develop user-friendly dashboards to showcase key insights and recommendations. GridCure will set up any necessary systems and integrations. And GridCure will ensure the model is ‘Production-Ready’. Read more about what a ‘Production-Ready’ model is <a href=”#production”>here</a>.

Step 4:Module hosting and commercialization

GridCure will host the new module on GridCure’s platform and co-commercialize the solution. You will earn a revenue share for each new utility who licenses our co-developed module.

Step 5:Client support and model maintenance

GridCure will provide client support and maintenance. Your team may provide additional modeling support, as needed.

What Is Production-Ready?


It can be trusted to run when expected and exceptions are managed


Model automatically updates with data and works with other processes


Data is transferred, stored, and used securely and in compliance with local laws


The infrastructure is able to scale with spikes in data volume or velocity


Business owners and stakeholders can easily understand and utilize the info

Enterprise Ready

Features include user credentials, access rights, tutorials, and training


Backups and recovery on failure with contractual SLA

No model development is needed to become a commercialization partnerCommercial partners can also sell modules on the platform for a rev share.