EDI Module

GridCure processes millions of files in a vast range of formats for our utility customers; our backend naturally includes standards-compliant EDI parsing and generation. We can handle standardized as well as operator or network-specific dialects and can operate at any point in your business process.

Cost Savings

GridCure developed its EDI module in response to the inflated market prices that our customers and other utilities are currently paying. We developed this product with the intention of decreasing customer costs by 50% while increasing the functionality and user experience of the EDI module dashboard.

Integration Flexibility

GridCure has out of the box solutions for receiving data via standard SFTP and API routes, and can also ingest via any other medium. Our backend can route outbound data to any conceivable endpoint. GridCure is cloud-native and we can integrate directly with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure systems.

GridCure offers both plug and play and customizable operations depending on your requirements.


GridCure offers bleeding-edge and transparent automation that fits any business process. We offer a portal with real time calculation of statistics and direct investigation of cases, as well as API level access to all functionality. From receipt to analytics availability is measured in minutes, and every step of the process can be monitored.


GridCure deals with sensitive data every day. Our basic offering is state of the art information security, and we can escalate precautions to meet any need.

Utility for Utilities

In addition to standard EDI processes, GridCure offers a range of state-of-the-art analytics modules to our utility customers. We have specialized pipelines for data from common utility transactions such as 867s and 814s, allowing our customers to leverage our offerings in areas such as load forecasting, network planning, and predictive maintenance.

Key Features

For Engineering Operations

  • Drag and drop information from disparate systems with a simple upload interface
  • View dashboards showing all aspects of case processing workflows
  • Sort and filter case and event data by status, customer, and date
For Customer Service Representatives

  • View unresolved cases, filterable by customer
  • See events and expected next steps in each case
  • Customizable interaction and direct execution: Initiate cases, resolve issues, and respond to requests without processing delays
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