Feeder Cable Health Module

GridCure’s Feeder Cable Predictive Health Module helps you algorithmically identify feeder cables approaching failure on your network, making a traditionally run-to-failure maintenance operation more intelligent. With our Feeder Cable Predictive Health Module, you can easily monitor, inspect, and prioritize repair and replacement efforts from a single consolidated dashboard.

Increase Reliability

By reducing outage events due to feeder cable failures

Save Time & Money

By automating spreadsheet-based, multi system, or unintuitive calculations

Decrease Expenditures

By prioritizing maintenance schedules and reducing unnecessary inspections

Key Features

  • Automated machine learning uses historical data, load information, and external data sets to develop complex models of cable health
  • Browser-based dashboards allow users to investigate single assets, the whole network, or rank assets by priority and health
  • Algorithms translated to human-readable descriptions of the underying features and patterns that flag an asset as needing repair
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