Hi, I’m Tagg. I’m the founder of GridCure, a smart grid analytics company focused on bringing simplicity of design, transparency in pricing, and fast time-to-value to smart grid software. 

I started GridCure because I saw first-hand how the available toolset wasn’t capable of handling the explosion in smart grid data.  Utility engineers, IT departments, and planning departments are challenged by multiple disparate systems, tool sets, applications.

My first insight into the software that would eventually become GridCure was with Simpa Networks in Bangalore, India.  We built and delivered small solar home systems using innovative mobile-billing technology to meter the power used, delivering across Northern and Central-Southern India, dealing with transacting and analyzing data passed primarily over the cell network.

Eventually having eaten my fill of dhosa, I subsequently was part of the smart meter rollout for a large Canadian utility, deploying cutting-edge systems that were the main component of the business case for the project.  Access to top-tier engineers, subject matter experts, and internationally-recognized software firms gave a deep understanding of how smart grid systems in general are revolutionizing energy networks around the world.

What a smarter grid means for a utility:

  • A smart grid deployment – be it smart meters, a better communicating SCADA system, or any other communicating device – means the local utility has somewhere between 1000 and 100,000 times more data being generated by their network every day.
  • At a minimum, this means upgrading servers to store this data.  More than likely, it means traditional business intelligence tools don’t work any more.  Copy-pasting a terabyte of smart meter data into Excel is going to cause your laptop to melt.  Almost assuredly – and confirmed by the dozens of sessions at utility conferences over the past few years addressing this exact topic – it means there is an ever-growing big data and data science skill gap in the industry.
  • So what *does* the industry look like today?  We’ve got dozens of different walled gardens and proprietary communication protocols, obscure pricing with burdensome service contracts, overbuilt systems that require a complete IT overhaul, and user interfaces that make IBM green screens look elegant.  

That’s where the idea of GridCure was born.  Using lessons learned from leading utilities – check out the wonderful Duke Data Mining Analytics Initiative – we are building big data analytical tools, designed beautifully, that work with existing data stores and are priced both transparently and reasonably.

GridCure provides software-as-a-service (SAAS) analytics to utilities to help improve reliability, increase efficiency, and boost revenue throughout the smart grid lifecycle. Focused on utility-internal solutions like predictive maintenance, loss identification, and asset planning, GridCure has worked with utilities around the globe.

We’re on a mission to bring most valuable aspects of cloud computing and SAAS to the utility industry.  The team can get your utility set up on the platform in seconds, deploy analytical module in a matter of weeks, and demonstrate the return on investment with the data you already have on-hand.

We’re always looking for forward-thinking utilities to work with, amazing individuals to join our growing team, and industry partners who would like to share in our plans to transform the utility industry.  Drop us a line, and come see us speak at IEEE ISGT and Strata Hadoop in the fall.