GridCure is a smart grid analytics platform for Cooperatively Owned Utilities. The GridCure platform organizes smart grid utility data, integrates disparate data streams, and provides grid health analytics for engineers, IT managers, and financial decision makers.   

We’re building this platform because we think Co-ops need modular software tools that solve grid specific challenges. We think pricing can be simple, with flexible contracts, so we’re focused on building a model that allows co-ops to purchase what they need, when they need it, without long term contracts.

We launched a beta version of the platform at Start ETS, and since then our team has been busy onboarding users to the system, and helping them turn smart grid data into actionable analytics.

How it Works

Create a free account.

Accounts give you free access to the platform, the ability to chat directly with GridCure’s team of engineers and data scientists, access to the GridCure module directory, and the ability to view module demos. You can sign up for a free account here.

Learn about potential predictive analytics solutions for your utility.

We like to start with a deep understanding of your grid, and the challenges you’re currently working on. Complete a free data audit and we’ll build your utility a custom predictive analytics opportunity report that highlights potential module solutions you can deploy.

Use the GridCure Module Directory to select modules, or work with GridCure Labs to build custom solutions.

Learn more about the modules we’re working on in the GridCure Module Directory, or work with GridCure Labs to build custom modules. Pricing is based per module, so you’ll only pay for what you need.

Easily upload data, or integrate existing systems.

We’ve built simple data upload tools that allow you to securely transmit your utility data to GridCure for analysis.

Work with GridCure to build and deploy modules on the GridCure platform.

Beautifully designed for desktop, tablet, 
and mobile
. Launch solutions in as little as 2-4 weeks, 
not 2-4 months.
 Flexible support options for organizations and teams of any size. All with no new servers, and no new sensors.

Sign up for today for a free account, and see how GridCure can help your utility.

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