Utilities need effective methods to process data

Securely aggregates and cleanses data
Performs big data multilayer analysis
Recommends actionable insights
Produces simple and intuitive dashboards

GridCure is an alternative to on-prem data analytics, leveraging a secure cloud environment to offer sophisticated operational insight to any user no matter where they or the systems-of-record are located. GridCure solutions do not and cannot impact the reliability of operational systems-of-record.

Utilities need straightforward and secure data integration

Data integration is often a challenge with systems-of-record in many different formats. Data security is also a primary concern.

With GridCure’s encrypted drag-and-drop data ingestion for proof-of-concept showcases, as well as robust ongoing automated ingest systems, it can be easy to manage and integrate data at scale, and to avoid all impact to operational systems.

GridCure leverages our proprietary machine-learning process to automatically sort, classify, evaluate, and transform data to a standard industry-based common information model. Most importantly, data is secured in place using the same role-based access controls in place as the client utility.

Commercialized Off the Shelf Module Directory

Up and running in 6 weeks


Display all relevant information about meter blinks on your network to connect these blinks to outage events and quickly diagnose customer issues.

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Transformer Predictive Health Module

Identify and rank transformers closest to failure on your network, replacing traditional models with machine learning and analytical intelligence.

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Feeder Cable Predictive Health Mod.

Algorithmically identify feeder cables approaching failure. Monitor, inspect, and prioritize repair and replacement efforts from a single consolidated dashboard.

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GridCure developed its EDI module in response to the inflated market prices that our customers and other utilities are currently paying.

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GridCure Labs Modules

Our team has explored more than 100 utility ‘Use Cases’, addressing key areas of the business where significant benefits may be found in classification, optimization, and predictive modelling.

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Our Pre-Developed Tools

Our classifiers are powerful tools that find anomalies, identify events that are unusual, and group signals that are different.

Our predictors can be tuned to deliver directional, probability based decision support or discrete outputs. We layer initial deep feature synthesis with machine learning to automatically improve output and/or outcomes over time.

We combine our classifier techniques with our prediction capabilities to create optimization tools. We tune our tools to specific problems our client wants to solve.

Analytics Use Cases

  • T&D operations and maintenance, asset performance optimization
  • Customer service improvement such as onboarding, meter-to-cash, and customer program marketing
  • Grid outage management and customer outage communications
  • Electric Vehicle program management
  • Electronic Data Interchange, Common Information Model management
  • Generation operations and maintenance
  • Energy supply and distributed energy resource modeling
  • Integrated resource planning, custom short- and long-term modeling