Last year, GridCure was selected as one of three companies to participate in the first cohort of Silicon Climate’s Accelerator program. Silicon Climate is a non-profit working to ‘spur innovation at the intersection of Silicon Valley and the climate change movement’.

Although we received invaluable advice through the program, perhaps of most value were the connections we made, specifically the introduction to our Advisor, Dave ‘Selly’ Selinger, and the lasting camaraderie with our fellow colleagues in the cohort.

Our good friends Topher and Dave over at Rainforest Connection are using recycled mobile phones and some badass technology to stop illegal logging and poaching; these ‘solar-powered listening devices’ can pinpoint chainsaw activity, identifying deforestation activity as it occurs. They even open source the data they collect, allowing access to anyone around the world.

And Steve the Co-founder and CPO of Social Inertia, a technology company that builds platforms for ‘purposeful individuals’ to empower them to easily make a social impact. Most recently, they built ActOn, a mobile marketplace for social enterprises and nonprofits, connecting users to the causes and issues about which they are passionate.

We’re proud to have worked alongside such an inspirational group of social impactors, and we’re super excited to follow their success.