GridCure loves cooperatively owned utilities (Co-ops).

We’ve previously talked on this blog about where the idea and industry need for GridCure comes from, and we see the Co-op space as particularly underserved when it comes to tools and technologies.  Bringing the most valuable aspects of cloud computing and SAAS software to the utility industry, GridCure can deploy more quickly and cheaply than existing providers, dramatically shortening the time to deliver value to our clients.

So, GridCure. Why Co-ops?

Co-ops are, by definition, are value driven organizations with deep ties to their communities.  Roughly half the United States is powered by Co-op utilities, and many of these are the more rural areas where our food is grown and our products are made.  If you’ve ever driven outside a metropolis area to get ‘out into the country’, you’ve probably been in Co-op territory.  

Co-ops are innovative.  Due to their often rural nature, Co-ops often have a low density of customers (often tracked as ‘customers per mile’ of distribution line), with the result that sometimes there’s a Farmer Betty who might be the only house on many miles of line.  This makes the economic return of erecting the poles, wires, and transformers out to Farmer Betty a difficult square to circle.  

To solve this kind of issue, Co-ops have lead the charge on many renewable energy projects to help maintain the levels of reliability and to service their far-flung networks.  By placing a generating asset like a solar panel or wind turbine closer to Farmer Betty and removing the need to deploy as much equipment, Co-ops not only serve their community (making Farmer Betty happy) and improve their organization by lowering costs, but also help the world by generating cleaner energy.

Co-ops have a changing workforce.  The next few years are going to see many senior executives and holders of irreplaceable institutional knowledge retire and a new generation of employees step into their places.  For both Co-ops, as well as our work at GridCure, this represents an opportunity to retain and automate much of this precious institutional knowledge through analytics and present it to the incoming generation using updated and modern user interfaces.

So, Co-ops. Why GridCure?

We’re utility engineers. We understand the utility workflow, and we’ve built the tools we would want to use ourselves on the front lines.  GridCure’s products all have beautifully designed apps and interfaces built responsively for use on desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and each analytical module on the platform has feature sets that solve specific engineering challenges for your network so you get exactly the analytical solution you need without the bloat.  On top of that, your data is likely far more valuable than you expect.  For most of GridCure’s offerings, clients already collect the information we need: no new sensors and no new servers required.

We’re designed to be modular.  Each module is designed to address a specific problem on the network, and a Co-op may choose to use one, three, ten, or any number of modules once signed up for the platform.  This allows Co-ops to pick and choose exactly what they need, and customize solutions to their grids’ very specific challenges.  

We’re a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.  With simple, transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing, as well customizable levels of support, GridCure brings the ease of SaaS into the utility sector.  We want our Co-op clients to love our products and continue to use them year after year because they get such unbelievable value from them, not because they’re locked up in an unbreakable contract.

We love Co-ops so much, we recently launched a Co-op utility specific beta program.  Interested?

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