Role at GridCure?

I’m a data scientist. We all wear many hats here, but the main tasks are to solve problems by turning raw data into useful answers by building predictive models. The better we can predict what assets need maintenance, the cheaper and more reliable the grid is. It also means getting asked some questions without standard answers, scratching our heads for a minute, and figuring out how to answer it. It’s honestly a pretty great gig.

Why GridCure?

I love to be a part of building new things, and also have a soft spot for the importance of maintenance and infrastructure. Keeping infrastructure in good condition, as efficiently and cheaply as possible, really does make everyone’s lives better. Building a technology and analytics platform which enables better maintenance for something we all use? Count me in! Some people are passionate about fixing potholes, I’m becoming passionate about pushing electrons. (I’m also pretty passionate about fixed potholes.)

Prior to GridCure, I spent nearly a decade predicting risk in the financial industry. I wanted to see some new problems I hadn’t seen before, and the energy industry offers plenty of interesting and valuable problems to solve right now.

Beyond that, it’s fun. Really! Saying that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s actually true. The projects are interesting, and the people are as well. We push and support each other, at work and away from it. I’ve been lucky to work with a lot of great people over my career, but this group feels uniquely special.

Favorite project at GC?

I’ve had a lot of fun thinking through how to implement a data+model workflow that gives sophisticated results in an easy and efficient way. Building out that workflow has been a way to standardize and share our company’s knowledge across customers, while very strictly respecting their data privacy. It’s led to better models and faster results for customers.

How do you spend your free time?

I describe many of my interests as “standard Colorado”. I dabble in hiking, road and mountain biking, running, skiing, and rock climbing. I don’t do any of those particularly well, but I’m happily competent in all of them. I’ve also been into photography for 15 years – the photo up top is a shot of Mount Ngauruhoe in New Zealand; most people know it as Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings. I’m also involved with local activist groups for better transit and housing policies.

Last question: What’s your favorite movie quote?

I have to pull a quote from The Fountain: “Together we will live forever.” It’s a very bittersweet love story, sorrowful but genuine. The movie has a strain of tension, whether to spend time doing great works for someone versus spending time with them. Time is a finite, precious resource, but the movie opens the door to the infinite. It makes me reflect on how to spend time in the here and now.